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The Russian Bar today

The Bar in Russia is based upon the principles of legality, independence, self-governance, corporate nature, as well as equality of rights of the advocates

The Bar is a professional community of advocates and, as a civil society institution, is not a part of the system of governmental authorities or local government bodies.

The organizational forms of the Bar as a self-governed community of advocates are regional chambers of lawyers – the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation and 85 bar chambers of the regions of Russia (including bar chambers of the Crimean Republic and the city of Sevastopol founded in April 2014 after the creation of Crimean Federal District).

As of the end of 2013, there are 72 647 advocates in Russia, 68 292 of which hold an active advocate’s status. More than 4,5 thousand advocates are recorded in regional registers with a suspended status.

58,7% of members of the Russian Bar are men, 41,3% are women.

144 advocates hold a degree of Doctor of Legal Sciences, 1483 hold a degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences. 154 advocates are awarded with the honorary title “Distinguished Lawyer of the Russian Federation”. 

Almost half of the representatives of the corporation (46,7%) have an experience of legal practice from 5 to 15 years, 24,9% - from one to five years, 22,3% - over 15 years, 6,1% started their professional activity less than a year ago.

The bar chambers of the Moscow, Krasnodar and Rostov regions, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Stavropol Region, Republic of Dagestan and Bashkortostan are the ones that are most actively expanding by attracting young specialists. 

A. Lisitsyn-Svetlanov, member of the Moscow bar chamber, is a full member of the Russian Academy of sciences, director of the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

23 734 legal practices are recorded in the registers of regional chambers of advocates, among which 20 215 legal offices, 2708 associations, 682 legal bureaus and 129 legal consultations. 44 123 advocates work in associations, 3373 people work in legal bureaus, 581 – in legal consultations. 

The registers of legal practices also include information on 492 branches of legal practices in other regions of the Russian Federation. 2888 advocates work there.

As a civil society institution, the Bar actively interacts with non-governmental organizations and governmental authorities.

Relations with the international bar associations and organizations are also developing. The competitiveness of Russian advocates and regional chambers of lawyers on the international and foreign legal services markets is increasing due to the fact that advocates take active part in professional exchange programmes, traineeships, conferences and seminars.

Various public associations of advocates, such as the Russian Federal Union of Advocates, International Union (Community) of Advocates, Guild of Russian Advocates, etc., collaborate with the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers in order to strengthen and develop independent Bar in Russia. 

Issues of Cooperation

Moscow 22.08.2018

On August 14, delegation of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan visited RFCL

The Start of a Partnership

Moscow 08.08.2018

Delegation of the Ministry of Justice of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam visits the RFCL

Prospects for Further Cooperation

Moscow 07.08.2018

Founder and Executive President of Swiss-Russian Forum Foundation visits RFCL