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National Award

The most important award of the advocate corporation

The award is established by the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers, Fund for Support and Development of the Bar “Advocate Initiative” and public organizations in order to encourage lawyers and legal practices, set high standards for the advocate’s profession and contribute to the development of the Bar as an effective civil society institution. Winners of the National Award are lawyers and legal practices that achieved top results in their professional activity and actively contribute to the development of the Bar.

The awards are conferred no more than once in two years. The number of awarded is limited.

The highest award of the advocate community is the decoration “For Honor and Dignity” established in 2006. It is awarded to lawyers with a record of advocate’s activity of at least 25 years who have demonstrated dedicated service for protection of  human and civil rights and freedoms, represented exceptional works of advocate’s art, committed to high ideals of honor and dignity of the advocate’s profession. 

In 2008 the decoration “For Honor and Dignity” was included in the award system of the National Award in the field of the Bar and Advocate’s Activity established in the same year. It has three categories: “For Honor and Dignity”, “Triumph” and “Business Reputation”. The “Triumph” figurine is awarded to legal practices that possess professional authority, outstanding achievements in the field of organizing advocate’s activity and contributing to execution of the constitutional right of citizens and organizations to professional legal assistance.

The honorary diploma “Business Reputation” is awarded to lawyers for significant success in providing legal assistance, preparation of professional legal specialists and high business reputation.

The tangible embodiment of the award underlines the value of acknowledging the winners’ merits as unique, literally precious rewards. The decoration “For Honor and Dignity” is made of precious metals and gemstones. The “Advocate Triumph” sculpture is made upon the project of the famous Russian sculptor Oleg Slepov. After casting each figurine is handcrafted by the author. 

Each ceremony of conferring the Higher national award in the field of the Bar and Advocate’s Activity is a milestone event not only in the life of the advocate community, but also in social life.  The corporation of defenders is proud of the people it presents to society. 

Advocate's Law was signed

Moscow City 02.06.2016

Amendments on advocate’s activities were made to the Russian legislation

Charter of friendly Bars

Saint-Petersburg 20.05.2016

Charter on The Fundamental Principles of Advocate’s Activity adopted in the VI St. Petersburg International Legal Forum

Preserving values of the profession

Saint-Petersburg 20.05.2016

On May 19, the International Conference of the Russian Federal Chamber of Advocates, one of the key events of the VI St. Petersburg International Legal Forum